What Is The IRM(72) Retirement Plan?

By Nick Hodge   

Ever since we discovered the IRM(72) retirement plan, investors have been clamoring for more information. 

Simply put, this plan allows everyday folks to collect compound interest on a select group of stocks.

There is no need for a broker...You can buy stock directly from the company you want to own.

There are no age or income restrictions... An 8-year-old can do it starting with $50.

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And this IRM(72) plan allows you to pocket consistent income in a far more profitable way than other plans like 401(k)s and IRAs.

Plus you can access the money at any time without penalty.

People just don't know about it because the SEC bans companies from advertising. 

That's why we put together an informational presentation to help understand the plan and get started using it write away. 

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