Sneak Peek: Investing in Sea Snails

A Sea Creature Worth Thousands to You?

By Nick Hodge   

Part of being an investment newsletter writer is tracking down opportunities for my readers.

Anybody can tune into CNBC or subscribe to the Wall Street Journal... but they all regurgitate the same stuff after it's happened.

It's news, not analysis. It's reporting, not foresight. And it's really all the same. On any given day, you'll find the same stories on all of the mainstream financial outlets.

I still hit up one or two of them every day, of course, just to stay abreast of current market happenings and chatter...

But I spend the bulk of my time looking for winning investments and sound strategies for you.

Some of them will make it into these pages (for the past six years, I published them in Energy and Capital and Wealth Daily). Others I reserve for members of my paid advisory service, Early Advantage.

And that's what sets this apart from “financial journalism.”

Take It, Leave It, Talk about It

The investments I write about aren't widely covered anywhere else.

They're opportunities I've sniffed out, researched, and vetted.

Sometimes people really enjoy them, find them interesting, and choose to invest. Other times, an idea doesn't seem to resonate. But that's the beauty...

You can take the advice. Leave it. Or simply use it to build your own personal knowledge base to impress people at the water cooler or at the next barbecue. It's up to you.

Next week, I'll be unveiling one of the most intriguing investment opportunities I've ever come across...

It's a cross between a mine-finder play in the resource space and a high-flying pharmaceutical stock. I think it has a real chance at returns counted in thousands of percent. And because you're an Outsider, I wanted to bring it to you first.

Even if you choose not to invest, I guarantee you'll learn something fascinating that you'll want to share with others. There's a reason thousands of investors stick with me year after year...

So here's a sneak peek before the opportunity goes live on the Web next week.

A Sea Creature Worth Thousands to You?

If you've heard of Ventura County in Southern California, you probably associate it with scenic beaches, choice restaurants, or flashy nightlife. But over the next month or so, you'll know about Ventura County for a far more important — and profitable — reason...

For the past decade, a team of America's foremost scientists has been hard at work there, perfecting a Nobel Prize-worthy discovery.

And it all revolves around the Giant Keyhole Limpet — also known as a mollusk or sea snail.


It's something you'd ordinarily see in a sci-fi film. But this is very real.

And if you understand why this sea snail is so crucial — and what these scientists discovered while burning the midnight oil — you'll be on the fast track to 300x-your-money profits.

In fact, due to the significance of this momentous discovery, that figure is probably on the shy side of what some take-the-bull-by-the-horns investors will pull in.

Long story short, the sea snail I just showed you a picture of could most certainly be worth thousands of dollars to you.

I'll have a full report on the opportunity for you next week...

It'll take just a few minutes of yoru time and will give you more information — and a jump start — about the company many investors will soon be racing to put money in.

Call it like you see it,

Nick Hodge

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