Jason Simpkins

Baltimore, MD - Assistant Managing Editor, Outsider Club

Jason Simpkins Editor PhotoBlunt, factual, and above all, fearless, Jason Simpkins has worked as a financial reporter and analyst for the past nine years, earning a well-deserved reputation for honesty and candor.

Born and raised in New Jersey, he graduated from Loyola University (MD) in 2006. He remained in Baltimore where he cut his teeth as an entry-level financial reporter before being tapped to manage a major financial publication at the age of 25. 

In that time, Simpkins wrote more than 1,000 articles pertaining to personal finance and macroeconomics. He had a front row seat to the 2008 financial collapse, and the subsequent sovereign debt crises. His global focus also led to major investigations into the Chinese economy and the oil market. 

Ever ambitious, Simpkins set out to launch his own energy-based investment newsletter, serving as editor-in-chief. His insights on oil, natural gas, coal and other forms of energy were widely read, culminating the launch of a high-end trading service that specialized in delivering triple-digit gains to its members. 

Simpkins joined the Outsider Club in 2013, where he serves as Assistant Managing Editor. 

You can follow him on Twitter @OCSimpkins.

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