Gerardo Del Real

Austin, TX - Editor, Outsider Club

Gerardo Del Real Editor PhotoBased in Austin by way of Chicago – Go Cubs! – and Alaska... for the past decade Gerardo Del Real has worked behind-the-scenes providing research and advice to large institutional players, fund managers, newsletter writers and some of the most active high net worth investors in the resource space, including those who count in billions.

Del Real’s insights and advice have made – and saved – investors millions of dollars. For years he advised clients to steer clear of most companies in the resource space. And for years the resource bear market has persisted.

Gerardo's due diligence and track record has allowed him to create a unique and powerful network of contacts that Resource Stock Digest Premium will leverage to maximize the incredible money-making opportunities that now exist in the resource sector.

With the resource space near a bottom, Gerardo writes and publishes Resource Stock Digest Premium as a newsletter for independent, financially sound individuals and funds to evaluate opportunities presented in the context of their own portfolio.

His general market commentary can be found in his weekly Outsider Club column (Recent Articles below) and at his sister site, Resource Stock Digest.

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